Sure, you’ve had it pretty easy here, what with the constant wars, famine, economic collapses, pestilence, diseases of “civilization”, slavery, terroristic threats, occasional demonic possessions, Frog-princes, and what-not. Hey, but that kind of stuff only happens in Third World countries, not here! As the song goes, The West Is The Best!

Of course I agree that there is considerable entertainment value living during a period of history where the vast majority of people on this planet seem to be either madmen or dope fiends, or at a minimum are somewhat mentally deranged by paranoia, anxiety, fear, or grief, or if they seem to be sane, it is likely because they are psychopathic monsters. I’m tempted like you to sit back with a giant bucket of buttered popcorn and enjoy the show.

Despite all these benefits of the Rock of your birth, some of you still want to leave this veil of tears before The End. And you know He is coming soon, and it doesn’t really matter that much whether He is in the form of a large and moving Torb, a Giant Sloar, the Son of God in a fiery flying chariot, or a 100 mile wide asteroid. The point is the Eschaton will be Immanentized, one way or another.

So you’ve made the decision. And it is the right one for sure. But, if you think Earth is dangerous, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Space is the Place, but it is not your mothers basement. Fortunately our resident Astro-Engineer Mark Deardorff has identified all the multitude of ways the Universe will try and kill you, and will offer some solutions so that you don’t end up a frozen corpse drifting in a widely eccentric orbit around the sun.

Like the good book says, Why Sit We Here Until We Die?

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