While every Agorafest attendee is a unique individual, they tend to share several characteristics. One of those characteristics is a drive to rise above the average person, especially when it comes to education. How do they manage this? By reading books! This is why the bookstore has consistently been the best performer in the agora. We’re happy to announce that it’s back for Agorafest 2019.

Do you want to take the next step in your agorist education? Are you curious about how our ancestors lived? Do you want the inspiration science fiction can provide? Then stop by the bookstore. You’re certain to find a title or ten that will pique your interest.

Where can I find the bookstore?

The bookstore will be located in the Family Suite.

When will the bookstore be open?

The exact hours aren’t set in stone, but we do know that the bookstore will be open both Friday and Saturday for several hours. Depending on interest, it may be open for special hours on Thursday and Sunday as well. The hours will be posted a few days before Agorafest.

I have some books I want to trade, will the bookstore trade them for me?

Absolutely! Our shopkeeper is willing to trade titles on consignment. Bring your books to the bookstore, let the the shopkeeper know what you want in trade for them, and he’ll put them on display in the store.

Do note that the shopkeeper will add a nominal fee on top of what you want for each title, but he only collects if the title sells. If the title doesn’t sell, you pick it up at the end of Agorafest and are out nothing.

Great! I have the entire Twilight series and would love to offload it!

While the shopkeeper would love to help you sweep your mistake under the rug, space in the shop is limited so he reserves the right to refuse titles. Of course you’re free to trade it yourself.

Can I request a title be made available?

You can certainly send your request to support[at]agorafest.com, but the shopkeeper can’t make any guarantees.