I want to introduce you to someone else. He’s kind of an introvert, so don’t be surprised if he doesn’t talk much – he’s more of a doer than a talker.

He’s called Hephaestus, but you don’t need to remember his name or how to pronounce it. To get to know him, just hand him the tool he’s looking for and help him assemble his latest project – he’ll grunt his thanks and maybe let you work on the next one.

Some think that robots are an invention of the late 20th century. Not true. Hephaestus was building robots over 3000 years ago – where do you think the word “automata” comes from? Also, he constructed the first android (gynoid if you want to be picky) – her name was Pandora. As you can see, lately he’s making astromech droids.

Hephaestus’ spatial, mechanical and analytical intelligence is off the charts, but his emotional intelligence, not so much. Let’s just say he’s mostly in-between girlfriends, and when he has a date, more often than not things don’t work out as well as they might. I’m sure none of you guys (and gals) reading this can relate.

The followers of Hephaestus are very welcome at AgoraFest, in fact, we think this might be just your kind of festival. Sure, we need a few talkers to tell us all about the theory of liberty, but we really need many more doers. Whether it is personal aircraft, defensive armor, enhanced artificial limbs, or a intelligent droid, we need the tools and equipment of freedom, if we are ever going to escape from our slave masters.

So when you see the symbol of Hephaestus at AgoraFest, grab your hammer and get ready to build the next automaton of freedom – some assembly required.

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