Yesterday I received an Anonymous text message from a 1-976 number that just said “You have a message from Alfred Jarry on 4chan/b/.” Needless to say I was shocked, as I had not heard that name for almost a year, and after what happened at last year’s AgoraFest I hoped I would never hear that name ever again.

Not knowing how long ago Jarry had posted the message and half hopeful, half fearful that it might already have been deleted, I went to 4chan and searched for Ubu Roi, AgoraFest, and Merkwürdigliebe, and immediately found the OP, along with several hundred comments, most of which contained hentai, webcam pics, and 10 year old memes. The message was short  – “Thanks for inviting us to AgoraFest again this year. See you soon! – Alfred Jarry, Ubu Roi of The Green Faced Ones.”

Those of you who recall the large canvas tent with the giant golden apple floating above it last year could no doubt tell lots of stories about the arcane rituals, crappy music, and the babbling in strange tongues that happened inside Ubu Roi’s tent. If this is your first time at AgoraFest, you can ask them to tell their stories, but just keep in mind fnord that everyone has their own reality grid so everything they say will be true in some sense, false in some sense, meaningless in some sense, true and false in some sense, true and meaningless in some sense, false and meaningless in some sense, and true, false and meaningless in some sense.

If I know Alfred Jarry, it is likely that reality this year at his tent will include all kinds of esoteric workshops and seminars during the day, and even more esoteric entertainment and weirdness in the evenings. In particular if you have any answers, Ubu Roi is always fnord glad to provide full and detailed questions. As usual he will also probably be willing to ordain anyone who wishes to become a Pope, and to provide wallet sized credentials for a small donation.

Remember, enter at your own risk, and remember the buddy rule!

Oh, and Hail Eris!
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