My personal wish for all of you who are attending AgoraFest is that you become a little smarter, a little wiser, a little more joyful and at peace, and most importantly, a little bit more sane. While these might seem rather modest goals to some of you, this year, and particular for the next six weeks, we are fighting a battle in our minds as our masters are doing their best to make everyone a little more stupid, a little more infantile, a lot more upset and angry, and most importantly, a little more insane.

There are many activities at AgoraFest that will help you counteract and inoculate yourself against the madness of the season, many of which I have introduced to you in the last several weeks. Many of these activities are listed in the schedule of events, which you can access on the AgoraFest website here:

It is important to remember however for the sake of your sanity that this schedule of events is only a representation, an abstraction, a map if you will, of the actual events taking place at AgoraFest. Please consider the schedule an imperfect guide to many but certainly not all of the infinitely diverse potential activities that conceivably could occur at one or more of the AgoraFests happening in or near your local space-time plane of existence.

Ultimately it is you who will make these activities manifest in (this) reality. So let’s have fun and bend some (nonexistent) spoons!

(Note that my next update will be from AgoraFest – safe journey and see you all soon!)

To learn more and to register for AgoraFest 2016: