Still working on chapter 1 of your Great American Novel? Yeah, you probably should attend this workshop.

Have your Manifesto completed, poorly Xeroxed, and ready for street corner distribution? You should really think about coming to this talk.

Jon Garett is the co-creator of The Adventures of Seamus Tripp, with Richard Walsh, author of Willy Wise’s Garden, and partner in several other creative ventures. Jon will be sharing his experiences in creative writing as well as tools available to new writers for the self publication of their works.

No longer must you fight the giant gatekeepers that limit the dissemination of ideas. With the right focus and motivation, you can present your ideas to the masses in a professional and clear form; with little to no monetary cost. This is truly the age of the information revolution.

In the second hour, Jon will be facilitating a breakout workshop designed to brainstorm, plan, and coordinate the production of a literary project to promote the ideas of libertarianism, free markets, and anarcho-capitalism. Participants in this workshop will work to produce a final product over 6-9 months that will be featured at next year’s Agorafest.

NOTE: Participants in this workshop should pre-register and review the included materials.

For more info about The Adventures of Seamus Tripp go to:

John will also be offering copies of the Seamus Tripp & Willy Wise novels during AgoraFest.tripp_facebook_banner-1