Looking forward to seeing you all in a few short hours! Our meeting locations in the Doubletree Minneapolis Park Place are in or near the Terrace Ballroom which is located to the right of the hotel lobby on the first floor. We also have some rooms on the second floor overlooking the atrium evening activities. Note we have renamed the rooms to more accurately reflect the themes of our conference.

The Terrace ballroom has been divided into 3 sections:

Terrace Ballroom 2-3 (Zwietracht, or Discord) This middle section is our main meeting area, and will have talks and discussion throughout the day, and our evening speakers.

Terrace Ballroom 4 (Verwirrung, or Confusion) This is the section to the right of our main meeting area. More talks and discussion.

Terrace Ballroom 1 (Unordnung, or Disorder) This section is to the left of the main ballroom. This can be used for informal meetups or events that you may organize, it will also have the bookstore.

Rooms 226-227 (Beamtenherrschaft, or Bureaucracy) These rooms are on the 2nd floor. We will have our AgoraFest 2018 planning meeting after the formal evening activities, and these may also be used for a Dungeons & Dragons One-Shot event.

Rooms ??? (Grummet, or Aftermath) This is where the Discordian party will be. Not surprisingly, I don’t know where their rooms are. I’ll update if/when I find out. (it is Room 1409)

Schedule Of Topics

Time Terrace 2-3 Main Ballroom – Zwietracht (Discord) Terrace 4 Ballroom – Verwirrung (Confusion) Terrace 1 Ballroom – Unordnung (Disorder) Rooms 226-227 -Beamtenherrschaft (Bureaucracy) Rooms 1409 – Grummet (Aftermath)
9am -10am Welcome & The Monkeysphere Meetups & Bookstore
10am -11am Wrong Side Up A Palantir Of Your Very Own Meetups & Bookstore
11am – Noon TENtalks (I Don’t Have All Day) The Blue Bus Is Calling Us Meetups & Bookstore
Noon – 1pm Lunch Break Lunch Break Lunch Break
1pm – 2pm La Nomo Por Mono Taking The Next Step Towards Enlightenment Meetups & Bookstore
2pm – 3pm Magnify! Opposed To All Of The Above, In Favor Of Something Else Meetups & Bookstore
3pm – 4pm Time To Level Up Patrick MacFarlane – Liberty Weekly Meetups & Bookstore
4pm – 5pm Dipping Your Toes In The Water Buckle Your Seatbelt Dorothy Meetups & Bookstore
5pm – 6pm Dinner Break Dinner Break Dinner Break
6pm – 7pm Live Forever My Queen!
7pm – 8pm Fifty Shades Of Grey…Markets
8pm – whenever Heute Die Welt, Morgens Das Sonnensystem – AgoraFest 2018 & Agora One Planning

D&D One Shot

Black Sheep Are Still Sheep – Ubu Roi Discordian Party