The State makes use of devices that can clone the contents of a cell phone, equipment that can intercept cellular communications, and other forms of surveillance to keep an eye on what you’re doing every day. Pervasive surveillance can shutdown an agorist business venture before it ever gets a chance to really blossom. But all is not lost. There are a lot of tools available for budding agorists to defend themselves against the gaze of Big Brother.

The Privacy Workshop is returning once again to AgoraFest and this year it will have a different format. In previous years the Privacy Workshop has focused on introducing tools that you could use to defend your privacy. This year the focus will be on teaching you how to identify and model threats so you have the knowledge needed to decide what defenses are likely to work for your situation.

The workshop will start off by introducing the concept of threat modeling. How do you identify the threats you’re facing? How do you model those threats? How do you use the models you’ve developed to create a more effective defensive strategy? Those questions and more will be answered. Following the introduction there will be hands-on exercises where the group will try its hand at threat modeling. Together we will try to identify some of the threats facing budding agorists, model those threats, and develop defensive strategies against those models.

The goal of this workshop is to give you a solid foundation on which to further your knowledge so you can develop more effective defensive strategies. By the end of it you should have an understanding of what threat modeling is and how it can help you in your agorist ventures.

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