“We’re all mutants. What’s more remarkable is how many of us appear to be normal.” – Walter Bishop
Are you tired of waiting for your powered bio-mechanical arm that always seems to be 20 years away? Are you sick of seeing awesome developments in medicine in the news and then have to go home to your overpriced and incompetent Obamacare doctor? Does you or someone you know have an illness where the best drug is currently entangled in an FDA web? Does it make you angry? Well perhaps I can be of assistance!

Advancements in biotechnology are making it considerably easier to do research on ever smaller budgets. I know of several people in the last year who have built laboratories for around $1000. The age of garage biotechnology is here! However, if you’re looking for the biotech version of Bill Gates, you’re going to wait a while (there was no computer equivalent of the FDA to get in his way). So it seems that for now the market is in our agorist hands.
In this workshop I hope to focus your attention by talking specifically about the biotechnology of cannabis sativa (referencing a very popular book by the same name), and I will discuss how advancements in molecular genetics, genomics, and bioinformatics have made this amazing plant even more useful. But whether your goal is building a better medicine, or glow in the dark beer, or a yeast that produces insulin, the basic principles are the same.
I will also share my own efforts and progress at building a biotech lab, including some practical tips for you aspiring garage biohackers.
So come up to my laboratory – but stay close to the candles. The stairway can be… treacherous.
Michael van Dyk
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