The Green Turtle Tavern smaller

I know what you are thinking. You’re thinking that participating in all these workshops, seminars, and demonstrations of science, technology, and the art of living free is thirsty work! Being that we’re in Wisconsin, you’re thinking that you thought you remembered seeing a bar just down the road in that town you passed through on the way here, and you wonder whether you can get one of your comrades to drive you there.

I like your thinking. But we got you covered! You don’t need to drive to the nearest town. You don’t even need to get in your car. We have got a genuine Sconnie bar right on premises!

The Green Turtle Tavern, located inside the main lodge, will be open from late morning to late night every day of AgoraFest. Along with soft drinks, they have a selection of beers including PBR and Old Milwaukee (of course), about a dozen different wines, and a short menu of bar food like brats, dogs, nachos, pizzas, and ice cream. All at prices that will have you ordering everything by the basket and pitcher.

So if you’re in-between workshops, need a quick bite, or have just had enough mental stimulation for a while, think about stopping by the Green Turtle for a cold one. You likely won’t be the only one thinking like that.

P.S. They also have ice.

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