“Cugel strode down a sweep of circular stairs into a great hall. He stood enthralled, paying Iucounu the tribute of unstinted wonder. But his time was limited; he must rob swiftly and be on his way. Out came his sack; he roved the hall, fastidiously selecting those objects of small bulk and great value: a small pot with antlers, which emitted clouds of remarkable gases when the prongs were tweaked; an ivory horn through which sounded voices from the past; a small stage where costumed imps stood ready to perform comic antics; an object like a cluster of crystal grapes, each affording a blurred view into one of the demon-worlds; a baton sprouting sweetmeats of assorted flavor; an ancient ring engraved with runes; a black stone surrounded by nine zones of impalpable color. He passed by hundreds of jars of powders and liquids, likewise forbore from the vessels containing preserved heads. Now he came to shelves stacked with volumes, folios and librams, where he selected with care, taking for preference those bound in purple velvet, Phandaal’s characteristic color. He likewise selected folios of drawings and ancient maps, and the disturbed leather exuded a musty odor. He circled back to the front of the hall past a case displaying a score of small metal chests, sealed with corroded bands of great age. Cugel selected three at random; they were unwontedly heavy. He passed by several massive engines whose purpose he would have liked to explore, but time was advancing, and best he should be on his way, back to Azenomei and the booth of Fianosther…” *

Most everyone has heard of Dungeons & Dragons. Perhaps you have played the game or know someone who plays, or, perhaps you know someone who played the game once in the 1980’s and immediately joined a Satanic cult and began worshipping demons. More likely, you just know that it is the most popular desktop role playing game in the world, and perhaps you at one time or another thought you might like to see what the magic was all about.

Well you are in luck! Veteran DungeonMaster (DM) Tanner Schake will be giving an introduction to D&D and talk about his experiences both as a player and a DM. Tanner will discuss why role-playing games are so popular, and why these types of games and in particular D&D are not just a fun and enjoyable group pastime but also a method you can use to gain social skills, confidence, leadership ability, learn creative problem solving skills, and build community.

In addition, Tanner will be DM’ing a short “One-Shot” game during the Symposium, so if you would like to experience first hand how the game is played here is your chance!

(Please comment below if you would like to be part of this adventure, or contact Tanner directly on Facebook.)

*From “The Overworld” by Jack Vance

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