In the Neighborhood of AgoraFest, Who have had any Inclination to join the Troops now raising under GENERAL WASHINGTON, for the Defence of the LIBERTIES AND INDEPENDENCE of the UNITED STATES


Instead Visit

The Dashing Rogue

Your AgoraFest Emporium for All Things Necessary and Essential for Adventurers, Kontrabandistoj, Pyrates, Exporters, Importers, Rovers, Sea Kings, Privateers, and Merchant Princes


Instead of Freezing to Death, Starving, Getting shot, Bayoneted, Grapeshotted, Blown Asunder, not to mention Beaten within an inch of your life by His Excellency The General himself, all for the sake of the liberty of rich assholes, you can acquire valuable equipage and accessories to help you in your own personal struggle for freedom.


have been personally selected by the Proprietor C. Sinz, for their High Quality, Uniqueness, and Efficacy.

Whether you are in need of unobtrusive and understated containers for your potables or pipeweed, the finest grooming products, or anything else that will provide Succor to the Free Man, The Dashing Rogue has what you Need, at such reasonable rates you will be astonished at the Value Received for your modest Coin!

The history of the many successes gained by the use of the unique accessories provided by The Dashing Rogue may serve as a recommendation to their quality and usefulness: – A young man out to take his rightful Place in the World, who was experiencing difficulty in making his Way in the World of Commerce came to The Dashing Rogue, looking for (inexpensive) items that would help him gain both Confidence and Skill. Mr. Sinz picked out several appropriate selections, instructed the youth in their use as well as advised him in the wisdom of the Market. Six months later the young man returned to The Dashing Rogue dressed in velvet and silk finery, with a jaunty swing in his walk, a smile upon his visage, with a Damascus sword on the right side of his belt and a full purse on the left.

In another singular case, a lovely yet sad young maiden approached our Proprietor with a desire to speak to him about her Beau, who, while both Handsome and Intelligent, Kind and Agreeable, Honest and Ambitious, lacked the One Quality that all Ladies need for their Satisfaction and Long-Term Happiness. A quiet and discreet conversation ensued, along with a recommendation of several Devices and Aids that can be purchased for nominal sums. A few weeks later the Loving and Extremely Happy Couple returned to The Dashing Rogue to personally thank Mr. Sinz for his assistance in adding passion to their already heartfelt and caring love for each other.

There are many more examples, but you get the idea – The Dashing Rogue is your Personal Outfitter for your Exceptional Life. Please check the schedule for times and location.

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