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What is there for children to do at AgoraFest? With hundreds of acres of forest and meadows to explore, there are endless outdoor adventures possible. Some might be interested in flying drones and assisting in rocket launches. Some will want to spend time at the creek. And for those children (and adults!) who want to learn more about science and technology, our own homeschooling cooperative, The Narada Institute for Higher Learning, will be offering at least one introductory session on electronic circuits and programming during the festival.

At this workshop you can learn how circuits work and how you can program an Arduino microcontroller to interact with the world. There is no previous experience necessary. The programming part requires some reading/writing skills, but even preschoolers can manage some of the basic circuitry exercises.

Electronics will be provided (wires, breadboards, components, Arduinos, etc). A laptop computer is not required, but if you have one bring it as it will be needed to do the programming exercises for the Arduino.  If you want to get a head start you can download the software here:

And, if you are already familiar with and have experience with microcontrollers please feel free to bring your own projects and show us what you got!

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