Well here we go again! The fifth year of AgoraFest, the largest Agorist themed festival in Minnesota – and now (barely) in South Dakota! A new location this year, and I think the best location yet. While it is a little longer drive from the Twin Cities, it is closer to our friends in North and South Dakota, both states that still contain a considerable number of people who value small government and individual liberty. We of course welcome everyone to join us – Buffalo Ridge Resort is about 40 miles east of I-29 and about 100 miles from Sioux Falls, which has a rapidly expanding regional airport.

If you have never been in this area of the country, I think you will find it very beautiful and interesting. The land rises up several hundred feet from the Great Plains onto a plateau of rolling hills containing oak savanna and numerous springs and small creeks and lakes. For at least a thousand years, perhaps longer, this land was a neutral meeting place for Native Americans from all across North America, who came here to trade and in particular to quarry the pipestone for their ceremonial pipes. I like to think our purpose is similar – we are here to peacefully trade with everyone, and to learn from each other how we can live free.

If you have never been to AgoraFest the basic info is on our About AgoraFest page here. This year our mission is the same – to learn and practice the art and science of living free. We have some exciting new activities and workshops this year but before I tell you about them, here are some of the activities from previous years that will be happening again this year:

  • The largest libertarian bookstore in the Upper Midwest (that we know of anyway!)
  • Drones, drones & more drones – recreational flying, lessons if you need them, aerial photography, and drone racing!
  • Model Rocketry – a very popular activity for adults and children
  • A large variety of food & drink, prepared by AgoraFest attendees and also by Buffalo Ridge
  • Several interesting science projects for the youth (and parents) hosted by the Narada Institute, our homeschool/unschool STEM+ educational organization.
  • Outdoor nature walks and bicycle rides exploring the Buffalo Ridge area
  • Live entertainment in the evenings
  • Great parties – many of them with interesting yet odd and obscure themes
  • Workshops and seminars on many topics, ranging from science and technology, health and wellness, home brewing, self defense, and all things related to The Market.

In addition this year we will be doing some demonstrations of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, a subject that has been in the news quite a bit recently, and an area that I think is important for those of us who want to live free. I am convinced that powerful AI is coming quickly, and that the way we must counter the actions of criminal organizations who want to use AI to further enslave and control humanity, is to have our own strong AI. While there are obvious challenges for individuals and small groups in competing with the likes of Google, Apple and of course the various alphabet gangs, there are also some tremendous advantages for smart and creative individuals that will aid you in building smart machines that will value individual freedom and help you defeat the collectivists.

To sum up, AgoraFest is about the limitless opportunities for individuals to grow and expand their knowledge and skills, to become confident and fearless in the face of any threat whether coming from states, corporate hives or other individuals, and to overcome all obstacles to you becoming the kind of men and women you desire and know you can be. Truly no one can stop us now, because we are all made of stars!

See you at AgoraFest 2017!


To learn more and to sign up for AgoraFest 2017: https://agorafest.com/index.php/registration/