Build the chapel 223712-Lilies30I can build AgoraFest by myself. But it might not be ready by September. And it might not have windows, or doors. Or a roof. Or any music. Or food. And it probably will kill me. But I can do it by myself!

But perhaps some of you want to help build the chapel. So, this year at AgoraFest we decided to include a work exchange program. Our work exchange program is especially designed for those people who would like to attend AgoraFest, but cannot afford it. In exchange for helping us run the festival a few hours each day, you will get free admission, a free meal plan ticket, and free housing in a 8-person bunkhouse located next to the kitchen near the main lodge. And you get to hang out with the AgoraFest organizers. Ok that last one really isn’t a benefit is it.

Here’s how it works. You must be willing and commit to:

  • arrive on Thursday, September 22 by noon to help with the festival preparations
  • assist festival attendees with parking and camping/RV setup as they arrive
  • work a 2-3 hour shift per day (typically kitchen help, workshop and entertainment assistance, or other work)
  • assist with the festival teardown on Sunday, September 25

The total number of hours you can expect to work during the festival is between 12-14 hours. The rest of the time, you are free to enjoy the festival however you would like.

We only have eight (8) of these positions available, and preference is given to those who would otherwise find it financially difficult to attend AgoraFest.  So, if you are interested in building the chapel, please email support (at) agorafest (dot) com.

By the way, if you didn’t catch the chapel reference, check this out: