The Big Sleep 05

I have some more stories for you. These stories are all TRUE, which unfortunately means most of them do not have happy endings. But, they are stories that can help us learn about how the (in)justice system works in Amerika, and how we can prepare for the time soon when even the illusion of civil rights is gone, and your choices are, obey or die. That time of course is already here for the portion of the population that is poor and/or the wrong color – but don’t worry, the rest of you won’t have to wait much longer.

At previous AgoraFests we’ve told the story of how we started one of the only agorist protective agencies that we know of, and how we have learned and grown over the past few years. This year was another milestone as we now are licensed private investigators as well as protective agents, so we’ll have another workshop this year with new stories to tell. Gathering evidence to assist criminal defense attorneys who are trying to keep innocent people from going to prison is virtuous work – and it happens to pay well. But it does mean we become intimately familiar with the judges who make up the law as they go, the DA’s who routinely hide exculpatory evidence and, when caught red-handed just laugh about it, the prosecutors who tell their first lie of the day before getting out of bed in the morning, and yeah the cops who, when they think nobody is looking, murder people gangland execution style.

I know some of you still think the system can be fixed, if we can just get the right people in government, people who respect the rule of law and the constitution, people who are not psychopaths and who care more about justice than their salary, their promotions, and their nice fat pensions.

Maybe so, but you should point them out to us, because we’ve never met any of those people.

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