Many people who attend AgoraFest remind me of the god Hephaestus (see my post about Hephaestus last year): analytical intelligence off the charts, but emotional and social intelligence, pitiful. We have very healthy egos, and very dysfunctional relationships. While we are perfectly happy alone, both material and intellectual wealth come from trading in the marketplace of goods and of ideas. For a society to thrive without a state, there must be a good deal of peace and harmony, and an ability to work with others and come to agreements, without which there is no market.

Ian Mayes has observed throughout his many years of experience with anarchist communities that many of them were torn apart by infighting and acrimony. As a result he has learned several compassion and peace based practices. This workshop will focus on three practices to help you become more compassionate, peaceful, and better at playing with others. They are:

The Individual – Vipassana Meditation

Interpersonal Relationships – Nonviolent Communication

Communities and Groups – Intentional Communities (in particular Camphill Communities)

In a civil war, nobody wins.

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