Liz Fish with skullWhat would you do if you found yourself miles from any road, with no cell phone signal, no gear except what is in your pockets, perhaps in extremely cold, hot, or wet weather? Could you build a shelter, find clean water, stay warm, cool, and dry, and find things to eat? Would you know which plants are edible, which ones are medicine, and which ones will kill you? Would you be able to identify the tracks of animals and the sounds of animals and birds and use that knowledge to both find food and avoid danger? Do you think this could be useful knowledge?

If so you will want to attend one of the workshops and nature walks that Liz Fish will be teaching this year at AgoraFest. Liz is a graduate of the renowned Tom Brown Jr’s Tracker School, an experienced herbalist and has taught outdoor survival skills for over 15 years. The grounds of AgoraFest and the surrounding upper Mississippi River valley are full of wildlife and will be full of beautiful fall colors in late September, and are a perfect setting to learn more about the infinite variety of life that exists in the natural world.

And by the way yes, that is a skull. But of no one that I knew.