Munsters - If A Martian Answers 04Last year we introduced many of you to the world of electro-magnetic radiation, and specifically, that portion of the EM spectrum people on this planet call radio. The discovery of this natural phenomenon and how to use it is not much more than a hundred years old, and yet it has changed our lives in countless fascinating ways. Interestingly, it is also a natural phenomena that governments around the world claim to own, and then “license” to people and organizations! Crazy isn’t it?

Radio transmitters/receivers can be made very small, and most of you own and use several radios every day – your cell phone, your car navigation system, your home internet, perhaps your wireless headset at work, and even appliances and medical implants increasingly have radios built into them.

We will have both short-range and longer-range radios at AgoraFest – at least one with a larger antenna so you can see how people communicated (and still communicate) around the world before there was an internet.

We’ll also have at least one workshop where you can learn the fundamentals of radio frequencies and wavelengths, how to pick out the best radio set for your particular needs, and even how to talk to monsters from outer space!

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