TZ_-_The_Monsters_are_Due_on_Maple_Street_004Welcome to the world of electro-magnetic radiation, and specifically, that portion of the EM spectrum people on this planet call radio. The discovery of this natural phenomenon and how to use it is not much more than a hundred years old, and yet it has changed our lives in countless fascinating ways. Interestingly, it is also a natural phenomena that governments around the world claim to own, and then “license” to people and organizations! Crazy isn’t it?

In these two workshops (basics and advanced) you will learn the fundamentals of radio frequencies and wavelengths, how to pick out the best radio set for your particular needs, and how to use radios most effectively.

We’ll spend a little time talking about how governments regulate and license radio, the pros and cons of getting an (amateur) radio license, and how you can talk to people around the world and even to beings from outer space!