“Print Is Dead.” – McLuhan

“McLuhan Is Dead.” – The AgoraFest Bookstore

That’s right pals, due to overwhelming popular demand, the AgoraFest Bookstore is back again for its third year!

• Radical Pamphlets
• Collectible 1st Editions
• Austrian Economics, Monetary Theory, History & Political Philosophy
• Out-Of-Print Libertarian Paperbacks
• Libertarian/Anarchist Themed Science Fiction

Even More Books And More Collectibles!

At some point during AgoraFest, you will want to visit the AgoraFest Bookstore. We have a fabulous selection of literature of interest to Anarchists, Libertarians, Austrian Economists, Voluntaryists, Revisionist Historians, and of course Agorists! We’ll have an array of radical pamphlets, many classic books on economics and history both in hardcover and paperback, and some unique and interesting out-of-print titles. Or maybe invest in a rare collectible which will increase in market value as it becomes more scarce. And this year we will also have a selection of classic science fiction titles with libertarian/anarchist themes.

We have something for everyone at the AgoraFest Bookstore!

Check the schedule for location and hours – we’ll see you soon!

To learn more and to sign up for AgoraFest 2017: