In ‘Merica, everyone is the Sorcerer Supreme. Or at least they think they are.

We could blame government schools, dysfunctional households, Dunning-Kruger, Netflix, or just plain laziness. It really doesn’t matter the reason, the fact is that most people in this country are barely literate, and those who do read regularly rarely challenge themselves with anything that is not on the New York Times fiction bestseller list. And therefore, most people, in wizard terms, never get beyond cantrips and Find Familiar (usually a dog or cat).

But to become a high level wizard (or high level anything really), you need to challenge yourself and read beyond your comfort level. This involves mental effort and intellectual work. It means reading some parts of texts more than once (or ten times), until you finally understand the author’s point. That’s kind of the idea of having a book instead of a 3 minute video, isn’t it? Study and practice, until you can perform spinal cord surgery, persuasively explain free markets and sound money, or astrally project.

Which is why you will find a range of books at the AgoraFest Bookstore – books on basic Austrian economics, monetary theory, history, and political philosophy. And yes we have fiction – particularly libertarian/anarchist themed science fiction and fantasy. We have the books that you will never find at your local independent bookstore, much less at Barnes & Noble. We also have collectible 1st editions, radical pamphlets, and unique out of print titles that will come up blank on an Amazon search.

But we also have other books. Books for those who want to become Masters. Books that have never been and never will be assigned by any of your teachers or professors, books that collect dust in university libraries, books that will change your life – if you can read them and understand them.

It’s a big If I know. But perhaps there are one or two of you who really want to learn, really want to expand your knowledge and understanding, really want to find answers, discover new truths, design new and amazing inventions, and maybe, someday, save the planet from evil. We must have books for you also, because you are the individuals from among the billions that will change the universe.

So, if we think you are ready (or, if you think you are ready), you can ask about our special collections.

By the way, how’s your Sanskrit?

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